Our Vision Frame

RLCC Vision Frame

We are governed by our Vision Frame. It limits our options and helps us to say no to a lot of good things. It is also the basis for all our planning and goal setting. Every time we make goals or make important decisions, we consult our Vision Frame. This frame consists of four important elements.

1. Our MandateMake real life possible for real people

2. Our MotivationsFaith, Hope and Love

3. Our Method –

  • GO to the lost
  • BRING seekers to Christ
  • JOIN believers into the ministry
  • BUILD workers into faithful disciples
  • TRAIN faithful disciples into servant leaders

Missional Strategy

4. Our Marks of Success – A community of communities where real people are exhibiting real life in Christ.

We define community as a group of saved people, who with a single purpose, a selfless pursuit, a small-group perspective, and a servant posture, are together pursuing steady progress in their faith, until they become a shining proclamation of Christ wherever they are. (This is based on Phil. 2:1-16)