I want to get involved


We encourage you to become part of a Real Life Christian Community in or near your area. To join, you simply look for one and attend. There are no classes or seminars to go through. After you’ve been attending one, please consider making a commitment according to the following categories:

  • Be a Participating Member
  • Be a Vision Partner
  • Be a Missionary with an Apostolic Heart (MWAH)

A Participating Member is someone who is willing to help fulfill our vision by becoming a…

  • Supporter of our ministries (through active, regular or sacrificial giving)
  • Host for our communities or small groups (and other activities)
  • Active volunteer in our ministries (inreach or outreach)
  • Resource person for our ministries or communities
  • Prayer warrior for our ministries or communities

A Vision Partner is a Participating Member who is also willing to…

  • Participate in and prioritize the life and ministry of the community
  • Reach out and recruit new members for the community
  • Obtain training for works of ministry
  • Maintain godliness and holiness at all times
  • Invest in God’s kingdom through tithing and other forms of giving
  • Serve God together with others in the community
  • Encourage others to fulfill their commitments

You can also be a Missionary with an Apostolic Heart (or a MWAH for short). A MWAH is a Vision Partner who is also willing to do the following:

  • GO to the lost
  • BRING seekers to Christ
  • JOIN believers to the work
  • BUILD workers into faithful disciples
  • TRAIN faithful disciples how to serve in teams

Pray about this decision, and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Once you know how you would want to commit to RLCC, click here.