Spiritual Maturity

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There’s a practical way to determine your spiritual maturity. Just look at the quality of your choices. You know you’re growing when you’re now choosing what is good. When you know why you’re choosing it, that’s even better. When you’re choosing it in spite of your emotions, or its results, but because you know it’s right and good, then you are revealing your spiritual maturity. When you’re choosing it because that’s who you are, and it’s already part of your character, then you’re truly becoming mature. When you’re making choices based on your concern for others, not just yourself, and because you are committed to love God and others no matter what, then you are more mature than most people older than you. Maturity is not an abstract idea; it’s real and practical, and it can be seen in the quality of your choices. (http://m.me/rlccphil)