Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs

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love keeps no record of wrongs

It’s really nice to feel that you are being loved by the people around you. Your spouse, your children, families, friends or someone else. But often times we forget the true meaning of LOVE.

It’s true that it is easy to love a person based on our feelings especially if he/she is good, nice or kind. We love them back because they love us. We love them because they keep on doing what is good to us. We love them because… we just feel it. But what if they did something wrong that might hurt us? Can we easily ignore their mistake if they apologized? What if they hurt us again, the same thing they had done from the past, and they asked forgiveness again? Can we still forgive them? What if they did it again unintentionally and they asked you for another chance to work it out? Would you be willing to give them another chance? What if…. they did it again? And over and over and over again? Would you still be able to forgive and love them anyway?

In the Bible, the meaning of love was found in 1 Corinthians 13. One of my favorite meaning of love is, “Love keeps no record of wrongs”. God demonstrated His love by giving His only Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross for the sake of us — sinners. Jesus is the author of Love because HE IS LOVE. We often reject Him but He keeps on loving us. We keep on sinning but His mercy and grace always save us. We ask forgiveness every time we commit sins and He always forgives us and loves us even more. Do you want to know the reason why?… because He’s not counting our sins. He NEVER counts because He loves you, He loves me, He loves EVERYBODY.

Therefore, if we truly love God, we should also love those people whom Jesus loves, the way that He loves us, even though they keep on hurting us (regardless if they hurt us intentionally or not). Is it hard? Then you should not count their sins. Always renew your love to the person who asked for your forgiveness and NEVER bring the past problem back again. Move on! Leave it all to God and love that person again.

One of the secrets to stay happy and healthy in a relationship is… NEVER count their sins, just love them over and over again even though they don’t love you back, for Love keeps no record of wrongs.

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