The Essence of Christianity

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Text: Titus 3:12-15

Often Christians are focused on Sunday gatherings. They think this is the essence of Christianity — meeting once a week to listen to sermons. But this is not the essence of the Christian faith. The essence of Christianity is to live productively. Paul reminds Titus to practice and to teach productive Christian living. It involves three essential responsibilities.

First, Titus must stay connected through mentoring relationships (v.12). Many Christians today live isolated lives. They think they can just go on by themselves and for themselves. Little do they know that this would result in an unfocused lifestyle. People who are not involved in some kind of accountability relationships often waste their opportunities. Second, Titus must support others in ministry (v.13). Productivity is not the sole responsibility of one person; it is the responsibility of the whole body. We must be willing to support one another in whatever way so that the whole body may become healthy and productive. Finally, Titus must always strengthen everyone he is responsible for so that they will be continually productive (vv.14-15). We are responsible to remind everyone of our calling to be responsible believers in Christ. There is a world to be reached, and we need to encourage everyone to stay true to God’s mandate: to be rich in good works.

The essence of Christianity is to live productively. We can do this by staying connected through mentoring relationships, supporting one another in ministry, and strengthening everyone in the body to remain true to God’s calling as God’s people. Let us do these things so that we can be faithful and so glorify God who has called to be rich in good works just like Him.

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