October News Update

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I’m excited about October. This month we are starting our new series entitled “Prescription: Cures for Relational Seizures.” If you haven’t yet listened to Part 1, click this link. Better yet, why don’t you invite some online friends to listen to the sermon with you and then you can discuss it afterwards. That’s a great way to share God’s word with others. You can all listen at the same time, or each of you can listen according to his or her own available schedule. Then you can just agree to get together, whether face to face or online. Try it.

Of course, Part 2 is coming this Sunday. We’re going to talk about something that we’ve all experienced: disappointments with people. That’s something that can easily discourage even the most relational among us. How do we overcome this? Invite your friends and loved ones this Sunday and see what you can learn. Who knows, maybe God will just transform your relationships for the better (in spite of the disappointments)?

This coming Oct 20 we will have another Real Men in Christ conference. I hope that you (men) can set aside this time to really be with other men (even from other churches) to talk about an important topic: How Men can Make an Impact. I’m excited with how God has been calling me to new levels of faith. Join me in prayer for the success of this conference. Ladies, give your husbands some free time so they can attend! This will also benefit you.

Finally, we are currently recruiting small group leaders for our next semester of small groups which starts next February 2013. There will be a training seminar this November (to be scheduled). It will just be a one-day, one-morning seminar, so don’t worry. Why don’t you start praying about it? Maybe the Lord is leading you to do this kind of ministry next year. The ministry commitment is only for five months (Feb to end of June), so it will definitely be an exciting experience.

The “BER” months are now here, and we’re anticipating a lot of great happenings in church (as well as in our families). Let’s look with anticipation for what God would do in and through RLCC. Remember our mission: Make real life possible for real people. We can do this together!

Yours in Christ,


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