A Plea for Help

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Hello, friends. As you well know, our country is suffering right now because of continuous rains. Many areas are now flooded and in need of help. We cannot help everyone for sure. But we want to start with our members who are right now in need of help. Aside from food and water, a common need that is not addressed is an emergency kit containing medicines, matches, flashlights, etc. In other words, people need important supplies in times like this. We want to give them this emergency kit, God willing. Government agencies and NGOs will be giving them food and water in the coming days for sure. But we want to give them this kit not just for now but for future emergencies also. We want to focus on those who are living in high-risk areas (areas near rivers, lakes, etc.). Our government said several more typhoons will be coming this year. We want to be proactive. We’re thinking of a small bag containing common medicines, matches, candles, rope, flashlight, tape, small radio, cutter, etc. If you can donate at least a few of these bags, we will surely appreciate it. You may not be able to send it now because of the weather, but if you can send to us as soon as the skies clear up, we would surely thank you. Just let us know if you want to help.

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