The First UpGrade Center Begins

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What are the chances that a young person can succeed while studying in public school? With a teachers to students ratio of 1:80 (or sometimes 100), not much. That’s why we started a ministry called UpGrade. Our vision is to mobilize our gifted members so that they can provide free tutorials to students of public schools so that they can succeed in their studies and find hope for their future. Our desire is to provide them with whatever support we can give them through UpGrade Centers located near their school. We started our first UpGrade Center at Sampaguita High School and the response has been very encouraging. So far 34 students have registered, and more are coming. Please pray that we can touch more lives in the coming weeks. Below are some of the pictures that were taken on the first week.

We would appreciate it so much if you can support this ministry. We are in need of books, whiteboards, whiteboard pens, tables and chairs, etc. We are also in need of financial help to provide free food and drinks to students while they are studying. Our desire also is to provide free internet to students and free printing to help them with their assignments. There is much that we can do to help these students if we partner together. If you’re interested to support this ministry, please email us at Thanks.


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