Mercies in Disguise

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If God really loves us, why does He allow us to sin? Why not stop us before we sin? Or why not stop us even before we are tempted? I do not claim to know everything about God. But one thing I do know. Sometimes God allows us to sin because He wants to reveal our self-created idols. One of our idols — and this one is very subtle — is the idol of our self-goodness. We really think we’re already good. And if we’re already good, do we still need grace? Often we’re not aware of this idol in our hearts. So God reveals it by allowing us to fall into sin. Of course, He does not tempt us; Satan does. But He allows it for a reason. He does not abandon us in our sin; but He lets Satan sift us (like what He did with the apostles). In the end, God will deliver us. But He will allow us to go through the experience of moral failure just so we can come to the realization that indeed apart from Him, we can do nothing (see John 15). Listen as PB explains this principle.


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