Two New Blogs

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I’ve recently created two new blogs using Posterous. This service provider allows me to easily upload short audio or video files. Great site! I highly recommend it.

  1. PB Talks – I’m usually asked all sorts of things. So I thought, “Why not hit two birds with one stone? I can answer their questions and then at the same time I can record the conversation for the benefit of others.” So that’s how this blog came about. By the way, since I have several blogs, my goal is to carefully nuance each of them so that they can meet specific objectives rather than being clones of the same content.
  2. Missional Churches Asia – This blog expresses my heartbeat. I really believe that the missional movement is from God and that Asia will play a crucial role in this movement. So I created this blog to promote and encourage leaders to have this mindset. My desire is to be a catalyst in terms of persuading as many of my fellow leaders in Asia as possible to start thinking missional. So I will be interviewing various Christian leaders who are at the forefront of this movement. I hope they can share what the Lord is teaching them or doing through them so that others may be helped.

Please pray for the success of these two blogs. Thanks.


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