Is this Communityship?

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I want to share this video of Mike Breen talking about Missional Communities. What is fascinating is that what he’s talking about is exactly what we were trying to do since 1996. Listen to what he is saying in this video so you can understand also what we’re trying to do in our church, Real Life Christian Communities. Is he talking about communityship?


One thought on “Is this Communityship?

    Mary Ann Drilon said:
    03/17/2011 at 7:17 PM

    You are exactly right Pastor Bong . Small group also known as cell group has been practiced since the beginning of RLCC in the year 1996. We shared food , learned scriptures, prayed for the needs and healed those who were sick. We also have testimonials of answered prayers, because we were so excited and wanted to share the good deeds of God among our members.
    COMMUNITYSHIP the buzz word that has been going on in the Real Life Christian Communities (Philippines) RLCC since 1996. That is 15 years , and still being practiced up to date.

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