So You Want to be Rich

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Our hearts are often divided because of money. Families get divided because of money. Friends part ways because of money. Churches divide because of money. People stop serving God because of money. Money is important. But it’s not suppose to usurp the place of God in our lives. We’re not suppose to love money more than God. Yet this often happens. Listen to this message as PB talks about money and how it often divides our hearts toward God. Then, if you have a small group, use the questions below to discuss this issue. Don’t forget to apply the Action Point as soon as possible.


Audio version:

PowerPoint version: click here

Discussion Questions:

  1. Can money actually divide people? In what way?
  2. Sometimes even Christians are tempted to love money more than they love God. How does this happen?
  3. Money has the power to change our self-image. How can we guard ourselves against this tendency?
  4. God defines who is truly rich. How can this truth help us deal with the temptations of money?
  5. What would you do differently now that you understand this truth?

Action Point:

Be aware of situations when you are being tempted to compromise your faith because of money. Remind yourself of this truth: God defines who is truly rich. Learn to be content when you don’t have money. When you have plenty of money, learn to guard your heart. Do not put your trust in worldly wealth, which is here today and gone tomorrow. Trust in the Lord instead.


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