Growing a Church or Impacting a Community?

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This article was written by Dan Reiland

Is your church making a lasting impact on the community? As a pastor, I am dedicated to not only grow my church, but to lead them in reaching out to those around us. In this issue of Pastor’s Coach, I share the difference between being focused on church growth and being dedicated to influencing society.

One thing that troubles me when I see churches become larger is that the communities in which they serve don’t seem to change much. I’ve been asking myself why? Am I just idealistic? Perhaps even naive? I don’t think so. But if I am, I will remain that way with hopes of seeing the church truly reform the communities in which we live.

Actually I think I’m a realist, with a positive attitude. I don’t think my church will change the world. But I must believe it can change my community. If God is who He says He is, and Jesus did what the Bible says He did, we can change the areas where we live! And together we can change the world.

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