Real Life Mentoring School

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You love God and you want to grow in your faith. But you can’t seem to find the time. Or maybe you just want someone to walk alongside with you to help you figure out this thing called spiritual growth and maturity.

Now you can pursue your dream without leaving your home, school, office or even ministry. We now have a Mentoring School online where you can receive training in your own time, at your own place, and according to your own pacing and learning style.

Real Life Mentoring School is a place where you can receive personal mentoring while going through biblical training, whether in person or online. The first thing you must do is choose a course (visit the website at Then we will assess your current level of maturity in relation to the course you’ve chosen. Then a mentor will be assigned to you so that he or she can guide you as you fulfill the checklist of the course you’ve chosen. Depending on your learning style, he or she may recommend classes, training seminars, readings, etc., whether live or online, or teach you directly via phone, email, chat, etc., so that you can fulfill the checklist within a certain time period.

This is FREE for all RLCCnians!


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