Beware of Angry People

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“A king’s wrath strikes terror like the roar of a lion; those who anger him forfeit their lives.” Proverbs 20:2

It’s difficult to relate with an angry person. It’s better to leave that person alone until he or she can calm down. Setting a truce is wiser than trying to argue with an angry person. You cannot reason with a person whose emotions are out of control. Control yourself and do not provoke that person further.


My thoughts about life

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Life is power and energy. When you’re alive, you can do things. When you’re not alive — that is, when you’re dead — you’re done. There’s nothing else you can do. To be alive, and to continue to do so, and to thrive as well, you need to interact and engage with realities outside of yourself. For instance, you need to interact and engage with air, food, water, etc. in order to continue to be alive. But you would need to exercise and train if you want to thrive physically. The greatest reality is of course the kingdom of God. When you fail to interact and engage with this reality, and to do so in increasing measure, you will die spiritually. The soul needs God to be truly alive. Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. (

Stories in our Heads

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Stories are powerful. They’re not like mere ideas. Stories, especially those that are well told, can capture us totally, making our bodies act or react in unusual ways. We behave according to our emotions, even though we may claim that our minds are in control. Honestly, most of us are motivated by what we feel at the moment. We are tossed here and there by our emotions. That’s where stories play an important role. They quickly trigger our emotions causing us to behave illogically sometimes. That’s why we need to be aware of the stories we create or allow to play in our minds. Once our emotions are triggered, we can act irresponsibly. Now the fruit of the Holy Spirit is self-control. When we submit our whole being to Him, we become more aware of what’s going on inside of us, especially in our heads. Let us walk in the Spirit and choose wisely what we entertain in our thoughts. (

Responding to Difficulties

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Difficulties are quite normal. No one is exempted from them. But whatever type of difficulty we are in, our response to it will determine whether we will in fact benefit from it or not. For example, if we question God’s goodness because He allowed it to happen, we may become bitter toward Him and not pray to Him anymore. Or maybe we will blame God for the suffering we are in, or the choices we make as a result, thinking that it’s God’s fault that we are tempted to sin. As a result, our trust in Him may be affected. Such responses do not help us at all. They also do not change the situation we are in. We need to persevere and stay steadfast in our trust in God, even though we may not understand everything. We must continually put our hope in Him, for in doing so our faith will be strengthened by grace. From mere trusting God as an act our will, by God’s grace we will transition to trusting God because we have seen and tasted the goodness of God. We will have experiential knowledge of His faithfulness. This only happens after the trial is over. So be strong and persevere in the Lord. It will not be easy, but this is a better response to every kind of difficulty. (

Faith and Knowledge

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It’s important to add knowledge to your faith. Without it you will just go through the motions of being religious but ignorant at the same time. The Christian life is not a sprint but a long journey of perseverance in the right direction. Many start with a bang but quickly end with a limp. Some are excited at first, especially when everything around them is new. But soon everything becomes stale and routine. There must be something else worthy to do, right? Many followers of Christ do not persevere in their faith, especially in the face of trials, testings and temptations, because they do not understand what they profess to believe. Take the time to grow in the knowledge of God, so that you’re faith will not be mere emotionalism or religiosity. Instead it will be based on truths you fully embrace. (

Such an honor

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Some people are excited when they visit a new place. Others are thrilled to experience new food. But to see someone become a new creation in Christ is totally awesome! Many have yet to experience the joy of helping another person see and understand the liberating truth of the Gospel and decide to follow Christ from then on. Nothing beats the excitement of being a co-worker with God in helping people find their way back to Him. To see someone begin the journey of salvation, to see their families healed and blessed, to see how they begin to fulfill their purpose in life, and to be used by God to facilitate that whole process, is truly such a great honor. I will never exchange it for anything else in this world. (

Your Purpose in Life

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Salt of the earth

If you’re a follower of Christ, you have a purpose in this world beyond merely being successful in your career or enjoying your life together with your family and friends. If that’s all you care about, you’re wasting the time, talents and treasures God has entrusted to you. Invest them to serve others. Help others to know the love of God, and in so doing, lead them to trust in Jesus instead of themselves. Patiently teach them how to follow the Lord day by day. Show them how they can serve the Lord also just like you do. Do it by your example. If necessary, use words. Use every platform you have to bring as many people as possible to the kingdom of God and to live in it successfully. Think of creative ways and means to influence others to know and obey the Lord. In today’s technological world, there are many opportunities, if only you will explore them. Don’t waste your time, talents, and treasures — use them for God’s glory. That’s the reason why you’re here. (