True Desires Sermon Series

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God has created us with true desires that are designed to bring us closer to Him based on trust. He’s the only One who can fulfill them and He wants us to trust Him to fulfill them. But Satan knows we don’t understand these desires because they appear as fears, worries, and disappointments. So he tempts us to meet them in false ways to destroy us. This January we will try to understand these desires so that we can use them to draw near to God instead of running away from Him.



Pay Attention

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We must pay attention to our emotional responses to various situations. That’s how we can understand ourselves better. We can then come to God as we are, admitting that we feel a certain way, whether good or bad. That’s how we find healing in His presence.


December 2018 Series

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Sometimes, while everyone is celebrating all around us, we can’t help but feel sad even though it’s Christmas time. Probably because of loneliness, past regrets, failures, failed relationships, or whatever reason, this time of the year can sometimes bring more sadness than gladness.

We would like to invite you to attend our Sunday services starting this Sunday, Dec 2. We are featuring a new series entitled “Joy to Your World.” We hope this series of messages can turn your sadness into gladness this Christmas time. Bring your loved ones and friends.

We have two services: 9 am (Tagalog) and 11:30 am (Taglish). We also have kids church during our second service. See you this Sunday!


Why Focus on Relationships

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Relationships are important. Some people think that work is more important, and that in the end it will bring about true happiness for themselves and for their loved ones. Some people even justify their busyness at work by saying, “It’s all for my family (or loved ones)!” But the truth is this: happiness is not found in work alone. It’s not even found in ministry! It’s found in relationships, first with God, then with family and friends. There’s some value to work, and yes, even in ministry, but we must do them in the context of healthy relationships. Why? Tomorrow we will talk about why we need to focus on relationships. Join us!

Leader’s Compass

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A leader must have a compass, which is both external as well as internal, to guide him. It must be external, because his principles must be based on truth and not mere opinions only. It must be internal because these should be in his heart as well.

He is able

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Whenever you are afraid or intimidated by what is happening around you, or even inside of you, or among those you love —remember who the Lord is. He is greater than all. If you put your hope in Him, you will never be put to shame. He is able!

Fight the Good Fight

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The Christian life is not a laid back cruise where nothing much happens. Instead it is called a fight, a good fight of faith. Following Christ is a pursuit of a calling, not a maintenance of religious activities. Only fools approach this kind of life passively.